Monitoring Child Care Centers: A Guide for Tribal Lead Agencies

This guide is designed to assist Tribes in ensuring that Tribal child care centers (also known as Tribally Operated Centers) and center-based providers have safe and healthy learning environments utilizing the flexibility that Tribes have in a way that is most effective for their community. Monitoring staff, inspectors and partners can use this guide to enhance their understanding of effective communication skills, how to conduct a monitoring visit, and tips on handling common situations in the monitoring process. This training guide will help prepare monitoring staff and inspectors to:

  • Better understand the anxiety that a provider may feel when the monitoring staff or inspector is coming in to inspect the center and how to make the provider feel comfortable.
  • Be prepared to conduct these inspections and use them as an opportunity to support your providers.
  • Monitor child care centers.
Publication Date: 
October 31, 2022
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Resource Guide
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