Monitoring and Supporting License-Exempt Care: Case Studies

This issue brief shares the experiences of six States (AR, AZ, IN, ND, NM, and UT) that have begun to address the challenges of monitoring exempt care. In addition to describing their structures, the issue brief highlights their differences in needs, cultural diversity and compliance levels, efforts to retain exempt home providers, lessons learned, and how they cultivated support for policy changes. Though the issue brief is primarily focused on exempt homes, information about how these States oversee exempt centers is also addressed. It is one of a series of three issue briefs that offer insights into how States and Territories have improved their systems with new requirements, monitoring policies, and support systems for exempt providers.

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  • Protecting Children's Health and Safety
    • Health and Safety Requirements and Standards
    • Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Quality Improvement
    • Provider Supports for Quality Improvement
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