Market Rate Survey Series

The National Center on Subsidy Innovation and Accountability (NCSIA) developed a series of briefs in 2018 to address topics related to market rate surveys. Some of the topics discussed in this series include planning a market rate survey, selecting data sources, designing and conducting the survey, analyzing the results, and reporting and using results. These resources were updated in 2023.

  • Planning Your Market Rate Survey explains:
    • The regulatory requirements for conducting a market rate survey
    • The importance between prices charged and actual costs associated with providing care
    • Proposed steps for planning the survey
  • Designing and Conducting Your Market Rate Survey addresses:
    • Data sources that can be used to conduct or augment the survey
    • Best practices for developing survey instruments
    • Selecting the survey participants
    • The timing of the survey
    • How to engage the child care provider community
  • Analyzing Your Market Rate Survey Data covers:
    • The steps Lead Agencies can take to analyze the results of their market rate survey studies
    • Considerations to rank price estimates into percentile values that can be used for setting rates
  • Using Market Rate Survey and Other Data Sources to Set Subsidy Payment Rates provides:
    • Next steps after analyzing market rate survey data
    • Preparing the detailed report
    • Considerations in setting subsidy payment rates
    • Ensuring equal access 
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  • Equal Access to Child Care
    • Assessing Market Rates and Child Care Costs
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