Market Rate Survey Series

The National Center on Subsidy Innovation and Accountability (NCSIA) is developing a series of briefs to address topics related to market rate surveys. Some of the topics discussed in this series will include: planning a market rate survey, data sources, designing and conducting the survey, analyzing the results, and reporting and using results.

The fourth brief in the series, "Using Market Rate Survey and Other Data Sources to Set Subsidy Payment Rates," was released in September 2018 and addresses the following:

  1. next steps after analyzing market rate survey data
  2. preparing the detailed report
  3. considerations in setting subsidy payment rates
  4. ensuring equal access

 The third brief in the series, "Analyzing Your Market Rate Survey Data," was released in July 2018 and addresses the following:

  1. the steps Lead Agencies can take to analyze the results of their market rate survey studies
  2. considerations to rank price estimates into percentile values that can be used for setting rates

The second brief in the series, "Designing and Conducting Your Market Rate Survey," was released in April 2018 and addresses the following:

  1. data sources that can be used to conduct or augment the survey
  2. best practices for developing survey instruments
  3. selecting the survey participants
  4. the timing of the survey
  5. how to engage the child care provider community

The first brief in the series, "Planning Your Market Rate Survey," was released in March 2018 and addresses the following:

  1. the regulatory requirements for conducting a market rate survey
  2. the importance between prices charged and actual costs associated with providing care
  3. proposed steps for planning the survey


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    March 7, 2018
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