Mapping the Early Care and Education Monitoring Landscape

This tool is designed to help state and territory leaders document current early care and education (ECE) monitoring systems as they evaluate opportunities for alignment and integration. The tool is designed as a companion to Coordinated Monitoring Systems for Early Care and Education (Maxwell, Sosinsky, Tout, & Hegseth, 2016).

This tool is divided into seven sections:

Who Is Monitoring ECE Providers? What Is the Role of Child Care Licensing in Various Monitoring Systems? Standards: What Is Monitored? Tools and Procedures: How Is Monitoring Conducted? Qualifications, Training, and Oversight: How Are Monitoring Staff Supported? What Data Systems Are Used in Monitoring? What Are Some Next Steps?

. Leaders can choose to complete all sections or only those that are most relevant to their planning discussions.


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Protecting Children's Health and Safety
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