Layering Early Head Start Services and Funds with Child Care - The Cost Estimation Tool for EHS-CC Partnership Services

The Cost Estimation Tool for Early Head Start-Child Care (EHS-CC) Partnership Services is designed to help EHS-CC Partnership grantees and their child care partners plan for the cost of delivering comprehensive Early Head Start (EHS) services to children enrolled in child care homes and centers.

The Cost Estimation Tool will help EHS-CC Partnership grantees identify:

  • Child care services currently offered and compare them to determine additional costs for your partner to extend the day and year to ensure full-time services (up to 10 hours per day/48 weeks per year) (Layer One)
  • Current child care revenue that covers those costs and consider other sources of revenue that can support EHS-CC Partnership services
  • Types of program enhancements and estimate the costs your partner will likely incur to meet EHS standards
  • Costs your partner will incur to fulfill responsibilities for providing individual child and family services to meet EHS standards (Layer Three)

Access the Cost Estimation Tool and more information here.

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February 13, 2018
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