Grantee Internal Controls Self-Assessment Instrument

The Grantee Internal Controls Self-Assessment Instrument (Instrument) is designed to assist grantees in assessing how well their policies and procedures meet the Child Care and Development Fund's (CCDF) regulatory requirements in the areas of program integrity and financial accountability. These requirements are aimed at reducing payment errors; minimizing program waste, fraud, and abuse; and ensuring that funds are used for allowable program purposes and for eligible recipients. The Instrument can be used by state and federal managers to evaluate how well a grantee's internal controls are functioning and to determine what, where, and how improvements can be made.

The Instrument was updated in 2017 to include several changes in the CCDBG Act of 2014 that affect CCDF, program eligibility and benefits, child care program eligibility, and federal reporting requirements. It was updated again in March of 2019 to include changes from the Child Care Improper Payments Data Collection Instructions (DCI): Revised October 31, 2018.

An addendum is included. This addendum supports the grantee's completion of the Instrument by providing the applicable CCDF regulation and any administrative guidance cited for each section of the Instrument.

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April 23, 2019
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