FY 2020–2022 CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint Training Resources--ARCHIVED

The Office of Child Care (OCC) and National Center on Tribal Early Childhood Development hosted the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020–2022 Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Tribal Plan Preprint Trainings in June and July 2019. The trainings brought together Tribes, OCC staff, and technical assistance providers to prepare Tribes to submit their FY 2020–2022 CCDF Tribal Plans, which serve as their application for CCDF funding.

The FY 2020–2022 CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint Training resources follow the structure of the FY 2020–2022 CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint and include the following:

Introduction to the FY 2020–2022 CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint

Part I (For Tribes with small, medium, and large allocations)

Section 1: Define CCDF Leadership and Coordination with Relevant Systems Section 2: Establish Standards and Monitoring Processes to Ensure the Health and Safety of Child Care Settings Section 3: Support Continuous Quality Improvement Section 4: Tribes with Small Allocations Only—Direct Services (for Tribes with small allocations who choose this option)

Part II (For Tribes with medium and large allocations)

Section 5: Provide Stable Child Care Financial Assistance to Families Section 6: Ensure Equal Access to High Quality Child Care Section 7: Promote Family Engagement through Outreach and Consumer Education
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