Foundations for Quality: A Consumer Education and Engagement Resource Series

The Foundations for Quality series is a collection of resources designed to support states, territories, and tribes and others responsible for consumer education and engagement in developing and implementing effective, family-friendly consumer education and engagement strategies.

This series was developed because of the effect consumer education and consumer engagement have on program quality. Effective consumer education and engagement indicate a provider’s belief in the importance of families’ access, interests, knowledge, and feedback about programs and services. Consumer education and engagement drive quality when informed, equipped, and engaged families influence and improve early childhood and school-age care and education settings.

Resources in the Series

Consumer Engagement: Orientation for Early Childhood and School-age Care & Education Professionals Consumer Engagement: Strategies for Engaging Families Consumer Education Websites: A Guide to Creating a Family-Friendly Experience Consumer Education Websites: Creating a Family Friendly Experience Assessment Tool Consumer Engagement: Using Social Media to Engage Families Consumer Engagement: Six Tips for Engaging Families Through Social Media
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