Family Outreach Series—Strategies for Outreach to Families Living in Rural or Remote Areas

Effective outreach promotes families’ awareness of, access to, and use of early childhood care and education and comprehensive services. States, territories, tribes, and their partners can use this resource to learn the six, research-informed strategies for outreach to families living in remote or rural communities. Each strategy is designed to support and strengthen your outreach efforts. Includes related resources and specific examples from CCDF Plans.  

This resource is part of the Family Outreach Series. Other resources in the series include:

Strategies for Outreach to All Families: Overview Strategies for Outreach to Families Experiencing Homelessness Strategies for Outreach to Families with Limited English Proficiency

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Family Engagement and Consumer Education
Informing Child Care Consumers
Family Friendly Outreach
Supports and Services for Families
Relationship-Based Practice
Quality Improvement
Outreach and Consumer Education
Expanding Participation in QRIS
Outreach to Diverse Populations
System Planning and Implementation
Outreach and Participation
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