Early Childhood Policy Matters Podcast

This podcast is geared towards early childhood professionals and strategic partners, hoping to use research to inform policy and better serve children, families, and their communities. This series features state leaders and national experts who discuss early childhood policy and efforts supporting the Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five initiatives happening across the country.

Each episode focuses on topics including the development of strategic partnerships, establishing financing models for mixed delivery and coordinating eligibility and enrollment processes across agencies and across states. Tune in for an informative and engaging look at early childhood policy initiatives and learn from the nation's top early childhood professionals and leaders.

Episode 1: Early Childhood Policy Matters - An Introduction

In this introductory episode, Dr. Neal Horen, Director of the Early Childhood Division at the Center for Child and Human Development, discusses the nuts and bolts of early childhood mental health and provides an overview of the subsequent episodes in this series.

Episode 2: Getting Started with early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

In episode two, Dr. Horen speaks with leaders in California and New York to learn about the different approaches to establishing early childhood mental health consultation in their state.

Episode 3: Implementing Mental Health Services and Supports: Common Approaches

In the third episode, Dr. Neal Horen speaks with Dr. Nikki Edge about the implementation of Arkansas’ early childhood mental health consultation system. Later, Dr. Todd Grindal, Senior Researcher at SRI International, speaks with Dr. Mary Louise Hemmeter about the Pyramid Model. In each interview, these experts discuss the strengths, challenges, and lessons learned with their models as well as key partnerships for successful implementation.

Episode 4: Addressing Common Challenges at the Practitioner Level

In episode four, Dr. Horen speaks with two early childhood mental health practitioners to learn about the common challenges and strategies of providers in this field.

Episode 5: Components of a Successful Statewide Early Childhood System

In this episode, Dr. Horen speaks with state-level early childhood mental health specialists to learn how their states incorporated early childhood mental health into their mixed delivery systems and the benefits they bring to children and families.

Episode 6: The Biden Administration’s Vision for Comprehensive Early Care and Education Systems

In this episode, The Biden Administration’s Vision for Comprehensive Early Care and Education Systems, focuses on the role played by the federal government to support states as they strengthen early childhood care and education systems and offer mixed delivery options for parents. In this episode, Katie Hamm, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Early Childhood Development with the Administration for Children and Families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Miriam Calderon, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Early Learning in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education with the U.S. Department of Education discuss the Biden Administration’s focus on systems building and mixed delivery

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June 28, 2021
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