Digital Tools for Engaging Parents to Support Children’s Learning

In these guides created for early childhood professionals, explore digital tools designed to encourage parents to talk with their infants and children. Share these tools with parents, along with tips and information about talking with their young children. Parents’ early conversations with their children build the foundational skills for children’s later language, social and emotional, and cognitive skills.

Disclaimer: The information in this guide should not be considered an endorsement of any particular tool or the use of such tools in general.

Providers' and Parents' Guides to Digital Tools to Support Children's Learning

Technology is everywhere, and parents can use mobile technology to find tools and information about child development. Use the Providers' Guide to Digital Tools to Support Children's Learning to learn more about digital tools parents can use to enhance their children’s learning.  Each tool promotes face-to-face interactions between families and their children. These tools also offer parents and caregivers tips or activities to support children’s language and literacy development.

The Parents' Guide is a shorter version of the Providers' Guide. While both guides can be shared with parents, the shorter version is for parents who may not have time to read through the Providers' Guide, or who may prefer to focus on the highlighted details from the Providers' Guide.

When sharing the Parents' Guide, providers should be sure to emphasize the following key features:

  • The table includes basic information and the website for accessing each tool. It also includes specific information, such as whether there is any cost for using the tool and the target ages for the tool's information.
  • Each tool in this resource offers hints and ideas to help parents support their child's language and literacy development.
  • The tools were designed for parents to use and then put away before interacting with their children.
  • Children are not the intended users of the tools. 
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September 10, 2018
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