Developing Child Care Monitoring and Enforcement Systems: A Guide for American Indian and Alaska Native Grantees

This training guide was designed to help Tribal CCDF Lead Agency staff and elected tribal leaders understand their responsibilities for ensuring that all of the child care facilities they fund and operate are providing safe, healthy, and high-quality care; and to develop and implement a monitoring and enforcement system for child care providers that participate in the Tribe’s CCDF program. To meet these goals, this guide outlines the parts of a monitoring and enforcement system and describes many important skills, tools, and strategies needed by Tribal CCDF Lead Agency staff to implement the monitoring program and meet the variety of challenges they will encounter in their work. This training guide includes monitoring and enforcement policy guidelines, effective communication skills, how to conduct a monitoring visit, and tips on handling commonly found situations in the monitoring process.

Publication Date: 
May 11, 2017
Resource Type: 
Training Module