Developing Child Care Health and Safety Monitoring and Enforcement Systems: A Guide for Tribal Lead Agencies

This training guide and its companion videos have been updated with the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Final Rule and reissued in 2022. It is designed to assist Tribes, including those who have consolidated their CCDF program into an approved Public Law (Pub. L.) 102-477 Plan, in ensuring that Tribal child care settings provide safe and healthy learning environments using the flexibility that Tribes have in a way that is most effective for their community. This guide describes many important skills, tools, and strategies needed by Tribal CCDF Lead Agency staff through this process, including:

creating monitoring and enforcement policy guidelines practicing effective communication skills conducting a monitoring visit handling common situations in the monitoring process.

This training guide will help prepare Tribal Lead Agency staff to:

Understand your responsibilities for ensuring that all of the child care facilities you fund, license, or operate are providing safe, healthy, and high-quality care; and Develop and implement a health and safety monitoring and enforcement system for child care providers that participate in the Tribe’s CCDF program.
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