Consumer Engagement: Using Social Media to Engage Families

Explore this resource to learn more about how to use social media to partner with families to support their children’s learning and development. States, territories, tribes, and others responsible for providing consumer education and promoting consumer engagement can use this guide to assist with:

  • developing and managing a social media plan;
  • identifying audiences and connecting your social media efforts to your mission;
  • choosing the best sites and times to post based on your audiences and objectives;
  • considering technical requirements, promotion, and quality assurance;
  • creating posts that are strengths-based, easy for readers to understand, and culturally and linguistically responsive; and
  • responding to comments and questions from families on social media.

If you are responsible for developing and posting content yourself or if you work with staff who do, you can directly apply this information to your work. If others manage your social media, or if you work with a vendor to develop and post content, you can apply this information to your plans, requests, and quality improvement efforts. You can use tips and resources in this guide, along with the social media planning tool to assess and inform how your agency uses social media.

This resource is part of the Foundations for Quality series.

Publication Date: 
November 20, 2018
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