CCDF Criminal Background Implementation Planning Checklist

The CCDBG Act of 2014 requires states and territories to have in effect requirements, policies, and procedures to conduct criminal background checks for all child care staff members (including prospective staff members) of all child care programs that are 1) licensed, regulated, or registered under state/territory law; or, 2) all other providers eligible to deliver CCDF services (e.g., license-exempt CCDF eligible providers) (45 CFR 98.43(a)(1)(i)).

A comprehensive criminal background check includes eight components as specified in 45 CFR 98.43(b)(2) of the CCDF regulations. They include three in-state background checks, two national background checks, and three interstate background checks. This checklist tracks state progress in implementing the different components of the requirements.

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March 12, 2019
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