2019 Tribal Management Institute Concurrent Session 1: Considerations in Effective CCDF Program Planning and Design

This concurrent session was presented during the Office of Child Care’s 2019 Tribal Management Institute.

This session explored ways to plan, design, and implement the CCDF program effectively. Participants engaged in small- and large-group activities that addressed: (1) designing CCDF program services according to their CCDF Plan; (2) ensuring that activities and goals are achievable during the 3-year Plan cycle; and (3) identifying attributes of effective CCDF program planning, such as engaging appropriate stakeholders, setting goals that are aligned with the vision for the CCDF program, and designing quality initiatives that meet the goals and activities outlined in the CCDF Plan. This session introduced resources to support the implementation of effective strategic planning in the CCDF program.

Publication Date: 
April 5, 2019
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National Meeting Resources Presentations
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