Last Reviewed Date
January 27, 2023

Many factors affect the recovery of individuals and families. But planning for the recovery of the child care and early education systems in your state, territory, or Tribe needs special attention. The Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Lead Agency should plan to support and coordinate recovery efforts for child care. 

What Data Are Needed to Support Planning, Response, and Recovery?

This brief addresses data that helps state and territory leaders quantify the impact of a disaster to respond and calculate assistance needed for recovery.

Did You Know About VOAD?

A brief for Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Lead Agency staff and stakeholders on leveraging voluntary organizations in disaster response and recovery.

How States and Territories Can Plan to Recover

This brief provides CCDF Lead Agencies and those working with child care programs suggestions and considerations for planning to recover from an emergency.

Continuation of Child Care Services: Louisiana's Experience

This brief describes how the Louisiana CCDF Lead Agency responded to the issue of the continuation of child care services in the face of a large-scale disaster.

Flexibility in Spending CCDF Funds in Response to Federal or State Declared Emergency Situations (CCDF-ACF-IM-2017-02)

This information memorandum provides guidance to CCDF Lead Agencies regarding the flexibility in spending CCDF funds in response to federal or state-declared emergency situations.