child care stabilization grants logoMany factors affect the recovery of individuals and families. But planning for the recovery of the child care and early education systems in your state, territory, or Tribe needs special attention. The Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Lead Agency should plan to support and coordinate recovery efforts for child care. 

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic expanded our thinking about the need for child care services. CCDF disaster plans should include considerations and strategies that CCDF Lead Agencies and their contractors and partners may put into effect to support recovery. These options could include considerations in response to the following:

  • What data and information will be collected about the impact of the disaster on child care and unmet needs?
  • How does the data show the unique needs of the most vulnerable children, families, and providers? People with low incomes and housing or food instability are only a few of those who are affected more severely.
  • How will this information be shared via social media, partner organizations, and provider associations?
  • Where are services available to address the social-emotional and mental health needs of children, families, and child care providers and the early childhood education workforce?
  • What supports are available for caregivers to aid their return to their child care careers?
  • How can donations be requested, received, stored, and distributed to support affected families, providers, and communities?
  • What contingency contracts can be put in place to increase the capacity to recover?

Federal Resources to Support Planning for Recovery

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