PDG B-5 TA Center 2021 Annual Meeting

Last Reviewed Date
January 27, 2023

The 2021 Annual Meeting of the Preschool Development Grant Birth Through Five (PDG B-5) Technical Assistance (TA) Center took place virtually from October 18 through October 21, 2021.  The PDG B-5 TA Center Annual Meeting was an opportunity for state agency leaders and staff to network with each other, present some of their challenges and accomplishments with PDG B-5 implementation, and learn about the work of other states to support their birth through five early care and education (ECE) systems.

2021 PDG B-5 Annual Meeting: Opening Plenary

In the opening plenary, PDG B-5 TA Center staff and federal representatives welcomed attendees and provided information on federal goals and priorities.

2021 PDG B-5 Annual Meeting: Research to Practice Plenary

A panel of researchers speaks about their evaluations of the states’ grant activities and the policy and practice implications of their findings.

2021 PDG B-5 Annual Meeting: State Response Plenary

In the state response plenary, a panel of state staff discusses what they learned and how they plan to use these lessons in their early childhood systems.

2021 PDG B-5 Annual Meeting: Closing Plenary

In the closing plenary, Joan Lombardi reflects on the last 60 years of early childhood development. Richard Gonzales and Tammy Proctor provide closing comments.