Issue brief

Targeting Early Childhood and School-Age Workforce Investments

This is a summary of a series of briefs. It includes a guide to planning and implementation, and a tool for targeting workforce investments. It includes quick facts about the workforce. It outlines top strategies to raise the quality and retention of early childhood and school-age workforce. The summary includes links to the other briefs.

Spotlight on Quality: What Choices Do Families Make and Why?

This brief describes what choices families make for school-age care and why. The brief includes two tables that provide information on what type of care children are in by factors like age, type, family income. The brief also provides research that shows what factors are important for parents in selecting care. This is the second brief in a 3-part series.

Spotlight on Quality: How State and Territory Subsidy Policies Can Increase Options and Support Family Decisions

This brief explains how to strengthen state and territory subsidy policies for school-age children.  It includes policy suggestions and state examples (Massachusetts, Hawaii, Wisconsin, Connecticut) on consistent rate structures, attendance policies, and flexibility in authorization plans.  This is the third brief in a 3-part series.  

School-Community Learning Partnerships: Essential to Expanded Learning Success

This issue brief provides a review of the research on benefits of school-community partnerships for students and families. It identifies features of effective partnerships (complements academic efforts with enrichment, supports transitions across school years, helps programs to gain access to students, to staff, and to resources).

Enhancing Program Quality and Care Through Supervision

This issue brief explores best practices for afterschool staff supervision of youth to ensure safety. It outlines the legal definition of neglect. It includes strategies for risk management including facility inspection, proper equipment, activity planning, first aid, and emergency preparedness.