Using Child Care Subsidy Payment Rates and Practices to Incentivize Expansions in Supply

This report from the Urban Institute explores the use of CCDF child care subsidy payment rates and practices to try to expand the supply of specific types of child care that are in shorter supply (e.g., infants and toddlers, children with special needs, those needing non-traditional hour care, in communities of color). The report is the result of a literature review, expert interviews, shared preliminary findings with child care providers and provider organizations, and small group interviews with child care leads. The report finds that while CCDF funds and raising payment rates are necessary, this will not be sufficient, given that only a fraction of eligible children receive subsidies.    

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Subsidy, Eligibility, and Equal Access
Subsidy and subsidy eligibility
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Culturally Responsive Practice & Inclusion
Urban Institute
Gina Adams, Grace Luetmer, and Margaret Todd
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58 pages
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