Reflections on the Relevance of "Self-Regulation" for Native Communities

This issue brief explores American Indian Alaskan Native (AIAN) perspectives on "self-regulation," a key concept in the emerging social and emotional learning field. The article suggests a more holisitic definition of self-regulation, recognizing that in AIAN communities individual existence is understood as inseparable from family and community. Included are "snap shots" of self-regulation skills and lessons learned at various developmental ages. This resource supports resilience and is relevant to all races. See also related briefs on self-regulation in elementary-aged children ( and middle-school-aged youth (

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Supportive Learning Environment
Culturally Responsive Practice & Inclusion
Administration for Children & Families (ACF)
Monica Tsethlikai, Desiree W. Murray, Aleta M. Meyer, and Joshua Sparrow
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Issue brief
6 pages
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