Invisible Children, Invisible Families: A Blueprint for Supporting the Child Care Needs of American Indian and Alaska Native Families

This issue brief is the result of several years examining the child care needs of Native American families, based on the first-ever national survey of Native parents, analysis of 184 Tribal Child Care Plans, site visits, and dozens of interviews with tribal leaders, parents, and tribal child care personnel. Tribal child care is systematically underfunded, and although tribal governments would like to support all members, they often lack the jurisdiction and funding to serve the 87% who live outside a reservation. The blueprint includes recommendations to: (1) strengthen communication and collaboration between state governments and tribes; (2) open new approaches for tribes to serve members living off-reservation; (3) reform federal funding to address tribal needs; and (4) address historical trauma. This resource supports equity.

Bipartisan Policy Center
Barb Fabre, Rob Grunewald, Linda K. Smith, and Caroline Osborn
Resource Type
Issue brief
36 pages
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