Improving Child Care Compensation Backgrounder 2021

This issue brief outlines eight strategies with state examples for improving child care compensation: (1) compensation scales and standards; (2) wage stipends and bonus payments, (3) tax credits for child care educators; (4) ARPA stabilization subgrants; (5) child care assistance; (6) benefits; (7) apprenticeships; and (8) Pre-K parity for child care. Although focused on early childhood, these strategies are applicable to the school-age field too. There is also a webinar, Child Care Compensation Counts: 8 Strategies, with panelists from IL, DE, and PA to share work they are doing on compensation scales and wage stipends.

BUILD hopes to hold provide more events on the other six strategies. This resource supports equity. 

Harriet Dichter and Ashley LiBetti
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Issue brief
49 pages for brief; 1 hour for webinar
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