Historic Crisis, Historic Opportunities: Using Evidence to Mitigate the Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on Young Children and Early Care and Education Programs

This report provides a synthesis of 76 high quality studies on the impact of COVID-19 on young children and early childhood education programs. The studies and accompanying evidence-based and equity-centered policy recommendations were created by 10 leading scholars and 10 leaders in policy and practice for early childhood. The strategies include ways to accelerate children’s learning, support the whole child, increase partnerships with families, increase supports for the workforce, and accelerate the creation of a coherent early childhood system. This resource may help in planning for use of federal stimulus funds.  

Christina Weiland, Erica Greenberg, Daphna Bassok, Anna Markowitz, Paola Guerrero Rosada, Grace Luetmer, Rachel Abenavoli, Celia Gomez, Anna Johnson, Brenda Jones-Harden, Michelle Maier, Meghan McCormick, Pamela Morris, Milagros Nores, Deborah Phillips, a
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