Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative Investigation Report, Part I

This report from the Department of the Interior documents the history and impact of the Indian Boarding School Initiative. Between 1819-1969, U.S. operated or supported 408 boarding schools across 37 states in pursuit of a policy of cultural assimilation and to dispossess Indians of their territory. The Department has recognized that targeting Indian children contributed to the loss of the following: (1) life; (2) physical and mental health; (3) territories and wealth; (4) Tribal and family relations; and (5) use of Tribal languages. This policy also caused the erosion of Tribal religious and cultural practices. This report includes recommendations for further investigation and actions to recognize the intergenerational trauma and the need to support revitalization of Tribal languages and cultural practices and to help begin the healing process. There is a 5-page Executive Summary at the beginning of the report that can provide a reader with an overview of the initiative. This resource supports equity.

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Culturally Responsive Practice & Inclusion
Bryan Newland, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs
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