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Is Citywide Afterschool Coordination Going Nationwide? An Exploratory Study in Large Cities

This guide describes how cities and intermediaries can work with afterschool providers across a neighborhood, city, or region to build quality. It explores how to identify a lead organization, engage stakeholders, use a continuous improvement model, and manage data systems. It includes case studies from Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, and Florida. It includes a Quality Improvement Systems (QIS) capacity self-assessment tool. For more recent findings on how cities can coordinate afterschool care, see Using Data to Strengthen Afterschool Planning, Management, and Strategy: Lessons from Eight Cities

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Systems Building
Capacity building
City/state systems work
Quality Improvement
Continuous quality improvement
The Wallace Foundation
Linda Simkin, Ivan Charner, Caitlin Dailey, Eric Watts, Hannah Taub, Abidemi Adelaja
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46 pages
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