America After 3 PM Special Report: Time for a Game-Changing Summer With Opportunities and Growth for All of America’s Youth

The 2020 edition of America After 3PM is designed to build a better understanding of how young people are spending their summers and to dig deeper into the types of summer experiences children across America have. The data were collected about Summer 2019 from a survey of nearly 30,000 households and 200 phone interviews. Findings included: (1) Participation in summer programs was highest in 2019 ever recorded with 12.6 million children; (2) Parent satisfaction is high and they prioritize building life skills, physical activity, and the outdoors, as well as variety in activities; and (3) We need more summer opportunities as another 13.9 million children would be in a program if one were available. The report also includes a link to state-by-state data and some infographics. A webinar to release the report included presenters from Wallace Foundation, Rand Corporation, and examples from Texas and Illinois.

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