America After 3 PM: Demand Grows, Opportunity Shrinks

This report summarizes survey data collected in 2020, both before and during the pandemic; it is the fourth survey, preceded by findings from 2004, 2009, 2014. There are five major findings: (1) unmet demand is up 60 percent since 2004; (2) demand is surging; (3) barriers like affordability, availability, and transportation block participation; (4) inequities are evident; and (5) support for public funds is strong. Beyond the report, there is also analysis of national and state-level data, a fact sheet, and media resources. A webinar provides a good overview of the findings at  

For more information on Black communities, see and for more information on Latinx communities see

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Afterschool Alliance
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7 pages executive summary; 52 pages full report; 90 minutes webinar
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