Modern Software Development, Procurement, and Management Fundamentals Training

Last Reviewed Date
May 10, 2023

This five-part training addresses modern software practices for government projects and covers the listed topics. Users are urged to explore the training in order since the topics build upon the previous resources.

Training Resources

A training video and associated PowerPoint slides are provided for each topic in the training series.

video-iconAgile Management (Video)

paper-iconIntroduction and Agile Management (PPT Slides)
Session 1 covers using Agile, settng priorities, and measuring success. 

video-iconProduct Ownership (Video)

paper-iconProduct Ownership (PPT Slides)
Session 2 addresses product ownership, its role in software projects, and application to existing projects.

paper-iconUser-Centered Design (PPT Slides)
Session 3 covers user-centered design, its importance in building or buying software, and how it looks in practice.

paper-iconSoftware Development Practices (PPT Slides)
Session 4 examines software development practices, continuous delivery and integration, and automation.

video-iconAgile Contracting (Video)

paper-iconAgile Contracting (PPT Slides)
Session 5 covers Agile contracting, why it is needed for software projects, and applying Agile practices to existing projects.

For More Information

These resources can be useful during or following the training.