Market Rate Survey Training

The process to conduct a market rate survey contains multiple steps and can be complex. These interactive modules, coupled with a full review of the four market rate survey briefs, provides users a basic understanding of the market rate survey process. It is geared to Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) administrators, their staff, or consultants responsible for overseeing the survey process.

A market rate survey is a study of the prices and fees that child care providers charge private paying parents. The CCDF Lead Agencies are required to conduct a market rate survey or an alternative methodology within two years of submission of their CCDF Plan. A narrow cost analysis is also required and all this data assists Lead Agencies to set child care subsidy payment rates at levels that provide the same access to child care services as families who purchase child care services without CCDF assistance or any other federal, state or tribal programs.

The following modules are the first two in a series that address planning, designing and conducting, analyzing and using your market rate survey data. Subsequent modules will be posted as they are developed.

Market Rate Survey Terms: Equal Access and Valid and Reliable

How to Plan Your Market Rate Survey