Licensing Regulation

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Title Efffective Date Document Type Facility Type State / Territory
COMAR 13A. 16 - Child Care Center 07/20/2015 Regulation Child Care Center Maryland
COMAR 13A 18 - Large Family Child Care Homes 07/20/2015 Regulation Group/Large Child Care Home Maryland
Rules for the Licensing of Child Care Facilities 08/27/2008 Regulation Child Care Center Maine
Rules for Family Child Care Providers 07/01/2009 Regulation Family Child Care Home Maine
Rules for Licensing of Nursery Schools 09/27/2004 Regulation Other Facility Type Maine
Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers 01/02/2014 Regulation Child Care Center Michigan
Licensing Rules for Family and Group Child Care Homes 06/03/2009 Regulation Family Child Care Home Michigan
Child Care Organizations Act 116 of 1973 12/15/2015 Regulation Child Care Center, Family Child Care Home Michigan
Chapter 9502 Licensing of Day Care Facilities 10/02/2015 Regulation Family Child Care Home, Group/Large Child Care Home Minnesota
Chapter 9503 Licensing Requirements for Child Care Center 10/02/2015 Regulation Child Care Center Minnesota