Justification of CCDF Expenses

Last Reviewed Date
January 22, 2023

This session demonstrates how you can use your Tribal CCDF Plan; the American Indian and Alaska Native Child Care and Development Fund: Guide to Financial Management, Grants Administration, and Program Accountability; information memoranda; program instructions; and other resources to justify your purchase orders, timesheets, and other expenses to your finance department and the Office of Child Care regional office staff.

Justification of CCDF Expenses

This on-demand session describes how to use the Tribal CCDF Plan and other policy resources and gides to justify your expenses.

CCDF Tribal Plan

This Program Instruction explains how Tribal Lead Agencies can use the Tribal CCDF Plan Preprint to complete and submit their CCDF Plan for fiscal year 2020-2022.

Attachment A - Tribal Plan Preprint

This Tribal CCDF Plan Preprint describes the CCDF program Tribal Lead Agencies will carry out from October 1, 2019, through September 30, 2022.

Tribal CCDF Guide to Finances, Grants and Accountability

This guide focuses on fiscal administration and accountability for Tribal CCDF programs, including basic financial management and grant management principles.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

This summary includes key takeaways about Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic security Act funds for child care.


Flexible Spending of CCDF Funds in Response to Emergencies

This information memorandum guides Lead Agencies on flexibility in spending CCDF dollars in response to federally or state-declared emergencies

Statewide or Tribal Disaster Plan for Child Care

This information memorandum helps Lead Agencies develop and carry out a statewide disaster plan.

Appendix C. Sample Quality Activities from AI/AN CCDF Administrators 

This resource is available upon request from your Tribal Child Care Capacity Building Technical Specialist.