The Use and Utility of Early Educator Central in Training and Technical Assistance Efforts

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Article – The Use and Utility of Early Educator Central in Training and Technical Assistance Efforts

child engaged with teacherEarly Educator Central: Pathways to Credentials and Degrees for Infant-Toddler Educators ( is an online initiative that supports infant and toddler workforce efforts at the state, regional, and program levels. Early Educator Central (EEC) promotes the careers of infant and toddler educators by providing resources that increase their competencies and advance their education. EEC leverages and makes accessible high-quality federally funded coursework, provides tools and resources for professionals, and offers systems supporting the infant and toddler workforce. It is funded and administered by the Offices of Child Care and Head Start.

The following are some relevant facts about EEC for Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Administrators.

infant mouthing toy car and looking at cameraWhat Is Early Educator Central?

EEC is an online initiative focusing on the professional development needs of infant and toddler care and education professionals. It provides the following:

  • Supports for seeking education and improving competencies;
  • Access to no-fee or low-cost professional development offerings;
  • Supports for a variety of different roles within the early care and education system; and
  • Courses that help infant and toddler educators obtain a credential or degree.

Who Is Supported by Early Educator Central?

EEC supports the following:

  • The entire infant and toddler workforce;
  • Early childhood administrators;
  • Trainers and coaches; and
  • Professional development system leaders (e.g., higher education professionals, coursework developers, and policymakers).

child engaged with teacherHow Does Early Educator Central Aid Crucial Priorities for High-Quality Infant and Toddler Care?

EEC does the following:

  • Provides training opportunities and career pathways that align with CCDF reauthorization;
  • Supports state and territory plans and implements essential professional development required by CCDF reauthorization; and
  • Provides an avenue for professional development for Early Head Start–Child Care Partnerships (Early Childhood Central, n.d.).

What Early Educator Central Resources Are Most Useful for CCDF Administrators?

babies peer playThe following EEC resources are of particular value to CCDF Administrators:


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