Statewide Infant/Toddler Specialist Networks: A State Profile Compendium

Download the article, ITSN Profile Compendium.

Article -ITSN Profile Compendium

The Child Care State Capacity Building Center’s Infant/Toddler Specialist Network (ITSN) has developed this resource to highlight the approaches states and territories use to operate statewide networks of Infant/Toddler Specialists. This compendium of state profiles is intended to share details regarding the functions, approaches, and promising practices of such networks.

Descriptions of state profiles in this resource were retrieved from a combination of personal interviews with state Infant/Toddler Specialist network representatives, data collection through a questionnaire sent to state infant/toddler leaders, communication with Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) lead agencies, states’ child care websites, and other publicly available information describing state infant/toddler care efforts. Minor revisions were made to enhance readability.

This resource is intended to spotlight the practices, supports, and services provided by Infant/Toddler Specialist networks across the country. States and territories can use these resources to learn more about how other states are operating their networks and identify a variety of approaches to different aspects of Infant/Toddler Specialist networks.