Welcome to the Infant/Toddler Care Learning Suite

Last Reviewed Date
August 24, 2021
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The purpose of this Infant/Toddler Care Learning Suite is to support states, territories, and Tribes in their efforts to strengthen the professional competence and capacity of Infant/Toddler specialists, consultants, mentors, coaches, and caregivers.  

The Infant/Toddler Care Learning Suite offers a wide array of professional learning opportunities to support infant/toddler professionals with reflection and professional growth. In this learning suite you will find:

  • Microlearning by Topic
    • Microlearning is an on-demand learning opportunity delivered in a small dose which usually focuses on a single learning objective. Microlearnings are designed to be quickly consumed and generally employ rich media such as audio, video, graphics, or interactive design elements. Common modes of delivery for microlearnings are infographics, podcasts, short videos, brief interactive modules, and media enhanced briefs. Microlearnings are independent, standalone products that can also be clustered to create a comprehensive resource to reinforce key learning objectives within a broader topic or larger resource.
  • Recorded Webinars
    • Recorded webinars in the Learning Suite have been pre-recorded and were presented for audiences interested in enhancing their knowledge on a particular topic or interest area.  Video recordings of these national webinar presentations were offered by the Child Care State Capacity Building Center’s Infant/Toddler Specialist Network and collaborating partners.
  • Child Care Videos
    • Filmed in family child care homes and infant/toddler care classrooms, these video clips give viewers a glimpse into high-quality care in well-planned environments. Reflective questions and comments invite viewers to consider important learning and development that occur through interactions and play, and the role of the caregiver-teacher, who intentionally promotes relationship-based care.