Infant/Toddler Care Providers

Welcome Infant/Toddler Care Professionals!

teacher and child engaged in playWhether you work in family child care or a center-based program serving infants, toddlers, and their families; your interest, care, and dedication provide the essential ingredients for high-quality care. Many infants and toddlers spend much of their time in group care settings. This means, that their everyday interactions with you, their peers, and their opportunities to explore in the prepared play environment, have a profound effect on their learning and development. Our infants and toddlers deserve the very best that we can offer.

This section of the Infant/Toddler Resource Guide includes articles, videos, links, and other learning materials. These are designed to help you build your skills and understanding, and support your growth as a professional who provides high-quality services for infants, toddlers, and families in your community. The guide is growing, so check back frequently for updates, such as materials in Spanish.

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