Improve Website Content

Last Reviewed Date
May 22, 2023

These resources provide best practices CCDF Lead Agencies can use to ensure that families can easily scan, read, and understand their web content and tools.

Displaying Monitoring and Inspection Reports - Webinar

This webinar presents best practices for posting online child care monitoring and inspection reports.

Module: Building a Family-Friendly Website

This module provides best practices to strengthen website content clarity, organize resources, strengthen user experience, and address accessibility barriers.

Child Care Search Tool Assessment Checklist

This assessment checklist is designed to help CCDF Lead Agencies identify opportunities to integrate key best practices into their child care search tool.

Tip Sheet: Implementing Child Care Search Tool Enhancements

This tip sheet helps CCDF lead agencies consider key best practices when planning for enhancements to their online child care search tools.

Enhanced Child Care Search: Data Collection Considerations

A brief on methods for collecting more detailed provider-level information and sharing provider availability information to support your child care search.