Implementing Needs Assessments and Strategic Plans

The purpose of a needs assessment is to serve as the rationale for a state’s strategic plan. The needs assessment should identify areas that need to be strengthened in order to maximize the availability of high-quality early childhood care and education options for low-income and disadvantaged families. This resource page offers a wide range of overviews, webinars, guides, and other resources designed to help states design and conduct a comprehensive needs assessment and use that assessment as the basis for an impactful, enduring strategic plan.

Needs Assessment Guidance, Crosswalk and Communities of Conversations (CoC)

PDG B-5 Fundamentals of Data Integration Webinar and Resources

PDG B-5 Early Childhood Data Analytics: Distinct Count of Children Served

PDG B-5 and IDEA Part C and 619

Strategic Planning Guidance and Crosswalk

Strategic Plan Community of Conversation (CoC) Part 1

Strategic Plan Community of Conversation (CoC) Part 2