2018 Impact Project

The Impact Project assists states and territories as they develop and expand their capacity for planning, investing in, and implementing quality early childhood systems, policies, and practices. Participants will design projects, new or already underway, that are meaningful to them and based on their particular context and vision and goals for the development of a strong early childhood system.

To support these state projects, the Impact Project offers intensive consultation and assistance from the State Capacity Building Center. Up to five states and territories will be selected and each will work with consultants with extensive state-based experience over a 24-month period.

As part of their projects, states and territories must include child care systems and services that are fully or partially supported by their Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) resources and address the CCDF goal of providing more low-income families with quality services.

As a result of the Impact Project, state and territory early childhood systems leaders should be able to successfully strengthen systems building for effective high-impact services that can improve outcomes for children and families.

An optional webinar was held on Monday, June 18 from 1:00–2:00 p.m. ET to provide an overview and to answer questions about the request for proposal. States, territories, and their partners were welcome to participate. The presentation from this webinar is available at the link below.

Webinar Presentation


The application packet contains an in-depth overview of the Impact Project, eligibility information, important dates, and full instructions for applying. Applications are due September 17  with work beginning in fall 2018. The application is attached as a PDF. Requests for a Word version of the application, and any questions about the application process or the work, can be directed to the State Capacity Building Center at OCCInfoServices@icf.com.

Download Application