Identify and Implement Supply-Building Strategies

Last Reviewed Date
May 23, 2023

These resources address different supply-building strategies that states, territories, and Tribes may choose to implement.  

Improving the Supply and Quality of Child Care Programs and Services for Infants and Toddlers

This resource reviews 2022-2024 CCDF state and territory plans to improve the supply and quality of infant and toddler services.

Using Child Care Subsidies to Support Special Populations

This brief highlights ways to identify special populations and strategies Lead Agencies can use to support access to child care. 

Early Care and Education in Rural Communities

This study describes how child care availability and characteristics differ in rural, suburban, and urban areas.

Strategies to Support Use of Contracts for Child Care Slots

This guide provides considerations for designing and implementing contracts.

Using Grants and Contracts to Build the Supply and Quality of Infant and Toddler Care

This resource supports contracts for direct service slots and for quality improvement.

Strategies to Increase Base Payment Rates

This guide outlines strategies to increase subsidy payment rates for direct child care services through ARP Act CCDF Discretionary Supplemental Funds.

Addressing the Decreasing Number of Family Child Care Providers in the United States

This brief examines the reasons family child care homes close and offers  solutions to this problem.

Public-Private Partnerships: Getting Started and Principles for Success

This resource outlines steps for effective and sustainable public-private partnerships.

Financing and Budgeting for Early Care and Education Facilities Guidebook

This guide provides information about how to budget for and secure funds to purchase and maintain quality facilities.

Training of Trainers: Strengthening Business Practices for Child Care Programs

Learn how to equip early childhood trainers with the tools to deliver business training to providers.