FY 2023-2025 Tribal CCDF Plan Preprint Resources

Last Reviewed Date
October 25, 2022
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The CCDF Plan developed by Tribal Lead Agencies is the primary mechanism that the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) uses to determine Tribal Lead Agency compliance with the requirements of the law and final rule. This CCDF Plan Preprint consists of two parts aligned with the flexibility that Tribes have based on the size of their CCDF allocation.

Part I (For Tribes with small, medium, and large allocations):

  • Define CCDF Leadership and Coordination with Relevant Systems
  • Establish Standards and Monitoring Processes to Ensure the Health and Safety of Child Care Settings
  • Supporting Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Tribes With Small Allocations: Direct Services
  • Tribes With Small Allocations: Direct Services

Part II (For Tribes with medium and large allocations only):

  • Provide Stable Child Care Financial Assistance to Families
  • Ensure Equal Access to Quality Child Care for Low-Income Children
  • Promote Family Engagement Through Outreach and Consumer Education.

These sections reflect key functions of an integrated system of child care for low-income working families.

The FY 2023–2025 CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint Training resources follow the structure of the FY 2023–2025 CCDF Tribal Plan Preprint and include the following: