Family Child Care Resources for Improving Business Practices

Last Reviewed Date
June 22, 2023

The National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance partnered with Tom Copeland to provide essential family child care resources for improving business practices.

The Tax Implications of the Child Care Stabilization

This video identifies benefits of the child care stabilization grants and the tax consequences of receiving them.


The Best Business Structure for a Family Child Care Provider

This video explores four different types of business structures and five factors to consider before choosing the best structure. 

Three Record Keeping Tips for Family Child Care Providers

This video shares record keeping tips that will make the biggest difference in reducing your taxes. 


The Two Most Important Terms to Include in a Contract

This video shares contract definitions and terms, ways to create your own contract rules and policies, and ways to solve the most common problem providers face.


How Do Providers Pay Themselves?

This video shares about sole proprietor versus a corporation, tax consequences, account management, and the impact of profits on Social Security benefits.

How to Find and Choose a Tax Preparer

This video shares the importance of filing accurate tax returns and explore tips on finding and working with a qualified tax professional.

Is Your Home, Business and Vehicle Properly Insured?

This video shares about real risks in family child care, types of insurance and what your policy should cover, and how much insurance you need.


The Best Time to Start Claiming Social Security Benefits

This video shares about qualifying for Social Security benefits, calculating benefits, finding your statement, and working after claiming Social Security.

How Much Should You Save for Your Retirement?

This video shares about why providers may be financially unprepared, barriers to and tips on saving, how much is needed for retirement, and IRAs.