Webinar on Adapting, Evolving, and Thriving: Tools To Evolve Your COVID-19 Child Care Strategy

From Office of Child Care Director Shannon Christian

The CDC Foundation provided an informative webinar, hosted by Governor Mike Leavitt, Adapting, Evolving, and Thriving: Tools To Evolve Your COVID-19 Child Care Strategy. In addition to an excellent presentation of the science of the virus and how it is transmitted, the CDC Foundation provided a tool that child care providers, both center-based and family child care, can use to keep children and providers safer. Based on the seven ways that coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is spread, the tool supports child care providers in creating their own effective practices to reduce the potential for the virus to spread. You will find this webinar to be a great use of your time and a valuable tool for your program.

The link for the child care webinar can be accessed by clicking on this CDC webpage. Note: The child care webinar, dated June 2, 2020, is the second webinar down on the webpage and is located immediately below a COVID-19-related webinar that focuses on retail stores. The webinar proceedings begin 2 minutes, 8 seconds into the recording.

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