TA Opportunity - Best Practices for Child Care Regulation: Self-Assessment and Planning for Child Care Licensing Systems

The National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance (ECQA Center) is excited to offer an opportunity for state, territory, and tribal staff members to work closely with child care licensing consultants from the National Association for Regulatory Administration (NARA) to assess their licensing systems and plan targeted improvements. Each state, territory, or tribe will work with one consultant who will assist with an evaluation and planning process based on Best Practices for Human Care Regulation. This assistance will take place through conference calls and an onsite visit. Five states, territories, or tribes will be selected to participate in this opportunity. Use this link to complete and submit your request to participate: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/85FVTND. The deadline for submitting the request is December 15, 2018.

Best Practices for Human Care/Child Care Regulation Self-Assessment and Planning Overview

Best Practices for Human Care Regulation lays the foundation for organizations to assess their resources and processes within two major areas: organizational management and regulatory management. It presents these areas in a layered approach to demonstrate how they build upon one another to create a cohesive, strong, and robust regulatory program and leadership-driven organization. It also provides key benchmarks for both areas on overall leadership; strategic planning; financial and human resources; professional development; communication; and statutory, rule, and policy responsibilities. These benchmarks support the implementation of health, safety, and licensing requirements included in the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014. An self-assessment and planning tool helps licensing organizations recognize their strengths, identify gaps, and prioritize and address targeted improvements.

Team Composition

States, territories, and tribes are encouraged to determine the most appropriate teams to work on strengthening their regulatory systems through this self-assessment. Teams may include a program director, senior level management, field supervisors, policy analysts, or other key licensing staff. Other early childhood policy makers and groups including the Child Care and Development Fund administrator, Head Start Collaboration office, and State Advisory Council may be helpful contributors to the process.


Teams work at their own pace and are engaged in this process for approximately 60 to 120 days.  During this time, your consultant will schedule check-in calls approximately every two weeks and an onsite visit to review the results of the self-assessment and work with the team to develop a plan to prioritize and address targeted improvements moving forward. The consultant will also gather your team’s feedback on the process and the tool, as a part of the ECQA Center’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Is This Opportunity a Good Match for Your Team?

  • Is your team interested in engaging in discussions and strategic thinking to strengthen your State’s licensing system?
  • Are there one to two people with the time and expertise to lead this work?
  • Does your State have goals related to strengthening its licensing system that this process would support?
  • Is your team interested in learning about best practices in child care licensing?
  • Do you have or wish to strengthen relationships with other leaders working in the field?

Request to Participate

Submit your request to participate at this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/85FVTND by December 15, 2018. 


If you have questions about this opportunity, please contact Michele Adams, National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance, at michele.adams@icf.com