Promoting Learning and Growth for School-Age Children During the Summer Months: Tipsheets for Providers & Parents/Caregivers

Summer is a time for sun and fun, but children’s learning is too important to take a vacation! Many school-aged children lose up to three months of grade-level equivalency in math and reading skills over the summer months. This phenomenon is known as the summer slide. Children learn best when they have opportunities to build skills and knowledge across settings. These include summer child care programs as well as time spent at home. NCASE has created a set of tipsheets for summertime child care providers and for parents/caregivers to help school-age children and their families make the most of the summer months and avoid the summer slide.

Summer Learning and Enrichment: Tips for School-Age Care Providers shares with child care providers ideas of things to think about before, during, and at the end of summer.  Specific suggestions involve creating a plan for the summer months, building a relationship with families, engaging children in activities to help prevent the summer slide, and keeping children healthy and active during the summer months.  Summertime child care providers can help children have a fun, healthy, and enriching summer!

A companion tipsheet from NCASE, Summer Learning Fun! Tips for Parents/Caregivers, gives parents and caregivers concrete ideas on how to engage their children in fun, meaningful learning activities throughout the summer. This concise, user-friendly tipsheet includes specific ideas for parents around promoting reading and math learning, creating opportunities for learning and staying active, and talking with their child, their child's teacher, and their summertime child care provider to set up for success. Summertime child care providers can share this tipsheet with families to further support summer learning and enrichment experiences for the children they serve.