New Resources From the National Center on Subsidy Innovation and Accountability

The National Center on Subsidy Innovation and Accountability (NCSIA) is pleased to share several new resources to assist Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) grantees in developing and implementing their child care subsidy programs.

  • The Grantee Internal Controls Self-Assessment Instrument is designed to assist grantees in assessing how well their policies and procedures meet the CCDF program’s regulatory requirements in the areas of program integrity and accountability. The instrument has been updated to include several changes from the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014 and Final Rule.
  • The Fraud Risk Assessment Tool is designed for lead agencies to assess their risk level for fraud by answering a series of questions. The tool provides a fraud risk assessment score and some basic next steps. Instructions for using the tool have been posted on the website. The tool can be accessed by emailing NCSIA.
  • The Market Rate Survey Series consists of briefs addressing various topics, including planning a market rate survey, determining data sources, designing and conducting the survey, analyzing the results, and reporting and using the results. The first two briefs in the series are currently posted; a third brief is on track to be posted in June.
  • The State Median Income and Federal Poverty Level Calculation Tool assists states and territories in calculating the annual and monthly state median income estimates and federal poverty levels used to determine eligibility and family co-payments. Instructions for using the tool are posted on the website. The tool can be accessed by emailing NCSIA.
  • Guidance on Estimating and Reporting the Costs of Child Care aims to support grantees and their partners as they create cost estimates, prepare detailed reports, and use cost estimates to inform their rate-setting. Specifically, the guidance outlines (1) factors that influence the cost of care, (2) sources of information that can inform cost estimates, and (3) methods of calculating costs.
  • The Family Co-Payments and Sliding Fee Scales brief addresses affordable co-payments—an important component of equal access. The brief includes information on the CCDF Final Rule, regulatory requirements and lead agency options, CCDF Plan provisions, fee-scale design, and lead agency considerations.

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