New Criminal Background Check Resources for Child Care Administrators

The National Center on Subsidy Innovation and Accountability (NCSIA) is pleased to announce the release of new and updated resources that support states and territories in the implementation of Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) program requirements on criminal background checks. These and other resources are available on the NCSIA Criminal Background Check Resources Web page. Furthermore, the Administration for Children and Families has created a Web page that includes guidance, webinars, and other resources on the CCDF program's criminal background check requirements.

As you are no doubt aware, criminal background checks are an issue of national interest and have been for several years. As stewards of public funds, we have a responsibility to protect the safety of children in child care and to reduce children’s risk of harm. Parents have the right to be confident that their children’s caregivers, and others who come into contact with their children, do not have a record of violent offenses, sex offenses, child abuse or neglect, or other behaviors that would disqualify them from caring for children. 

The resources listed below were introduced during the three-part webinar series, National Criminal Background Check Requirements.

National Criminal Background Check Requirements Webinar Series

The Office of Child Care (OCC) and NCSIA cohosted national webinars that introduced the Child Care Subsidy Criminal Background Check List, presented sections of the Criminal Background Check Requirements PowerPoint, and provided policy clarifications captured during criminal background check technical assistance (TA) calls. The webinars also provided a forum for open discussion with OCC policy staff and NCSIA TA staff. The webinars were recorded and can be accessed by clicking on the following links.

·        October 23, 2017—National Criminal Background Check Webinar Series #1

  • Introduction of Contact List
  • Criminal Background Check Requirements
  • 45-Day Timeline for Criminal Background Checks

·        October 30, 2017—National Criminal Background Check Webinar Series #2

  • Applicability of Background Check Requirements
  • National Crime Information Center National Sex Offender Registry
  • National Fingerprint File

·        November 6, 2017—National Criminal Background Check Webinar Series #3

  • Disqualifying Crimes
  • Appeals Process
  • Red Light/Green Light

Criminal Background Check Requirements PowerPoint

The Criminal Background Check (CBC) Requirements PowerPoint is designed to help states, territories, and tribes that are working toward full implementation of the criminal background check requirements. The PowerPoint clarifies policy, breaks down regulations, and provides examples of implementing the CBC requirements.

Background Check Requirements Highlights

This resource was updated and highlights key requirements of the criminal background check requirements from the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Act of 2014 and CCDF Final Rule. Topics include the applicability of rules, individuals subject to background checks, and required national and state-based background checks.

Child Care Subsidy Criminal Background Check Contact List

This list was created to ease the burden of finding other state’s contact information. The contact list was introduced during the “National Criminal Background Check Requirements” webinar on October 23, 2017, with a request that CCDF administrators or co-CCDF administrators assign a lead contact to be included on a distribution list to receive email reminders to update the list. The CBC Contact List will be updated and reposted on the NCSIA Web page on a quarterly basis.  

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