Monthly Feature - Family Child Care: Supporting Quality

Family child care (FCC) is an important option for families, especially those who work nontraditional hours, live in rural communities, or want a provider who fits their culture and background. How can we increase supports and the focus on quality improvement for this critical part of the child care supply?   

A webinar that was part of the Virtual Infant/Toddler & School-Age Child Care (ITSACC) Institute offered the latest research and a wealth of promising practices from Juliet Bromer, Research Scientist from the Erikson Institute. Additionally, strategies for working with mixed-age groups, which emerged from focus groups with experienced FCC Providers, are shared. Whether you are a state system planner, a training and TA professional, or a family child care provider, this webinar presentation and recording will give you lots of new approaches to explore. You can find the presentation slides and the audio recording of the webinar on the Virtual ITSACC webpage at https://childcareta.acf.hhs.gov/virtual-infanttoddler-school-age-child-care-itsacc-institute.

A brief from the Office of Child Care presents findings from a series of focus groups with FCC providers that support mixed-age groups of children. View the brief: https://childcareta.acf.hhs.gov/ncase-resource-library/voices-field-promising-family-child-care-strategies-support-children-mixed.