Implementing the Dual Language Learners Program Assessment: A Closer Look Webinar Series

January–April 2019

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In August 2018 the Office of Head Start launched the Dual Language Learners Program Assessment (DLLPA). It helps Head Start, child care, and prekindergarten programs assess their systems and services to ensure the full and effective participation of children who are DLLs and their families. Introducing the DLLPA webinar provides an overview of how to use the assessment tool. This new series, held from January to April 2019, will offer a closer look at implementing the DLLPA. Explore implementation, management systems, and program service delivery strategies that reflect the coordinated approach required in Head Start.

Webinar 1 focuses on how a management systems approach can form an effective foundation for implementing the DLLPA and for planning a coordinated approach to services for DLLs and their families. Examples demonstrate how, as a data collection tool, the DLLPA identifies strengths and areas for growth in each of the identified management system areas. Learn how the DLLPA fits into the Head Start planning cycle through the lens of the recently published Foundations for Excellence resource and supports planning efforts for continuous quality improvement.

Topics for the Series

·        Highlighting the systems-level and program service delivery approaches used by Head Start, Early Head Start, and other early education programs to identify areas for improving and enriching services for children who are DLLs and their families

·        How a management systems approach offers an effective foundation for implementing coordinated approaches reflected in the DLLPA

·        The Planned Language Approach, with teaching, curricula, and assessment practices that promote culturally and linguistically appropriate practices for all

·        How the Head Start Program Performance Standards and coordinated approaches promote effective school readiness for young children by partnering with parents and families

·        Responsive practices used with community stakeholders to support the program’s work with families, including transitions

·        How to promote health equity through culturally and linguistically responsive health services

·        Specific resources for management and direct services staff working to promote culturally and linguistically appropriate practices for all children from birth to age 5 and their families

Target Audience

·        Head Start and Early Head Start directors, managers, administrators, and program staff members

·        Training and technical assistance managers and providers

·        Federal and Regional Office staff

·        Head Start-State collaboration offices

·        State and territory Child Care and Development Fund administrators and grantees

How To Register

Select this Web link to register for the first webinar on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, from 2:00–3:30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

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