Establishing Governance and Sustainable Partnerships--ARCHIVED

Last Reviewed Date
January 25, 2023

These resources provide examples of how State, Territory, and Tribal Governments have established governance structures to streamline administration of early childhood care and education programs and strategies for developing strategic partnerships to accomplish a shared vision and goals.

How Georgia and Kansas Support Intragovernmental Partnerships

This brief highlights the differences in two State's approaches to early childhood care and education. They addressed system gaps and responded to challenges.

Strategic Partnerships in PDG -5 Renewal Applications

This report examines partnerships in Grantee states' proposals for PDG B-5 renewal applications.

Early Childhood Governance: A toolkit of curated resources to assist state leaders

This toolkit of curated resources contains introductory information for those who are initially considering a focus on governance. 

How Governance Influences State Early Childhood Systems

This video shares the lessons learned and insights of three experienced state early childhood administrators.

PDG B-5 TA Center 2020 Annual Meeting - Strategic Partnerships Strand Opening Session

Presenters provided a broad and historic overview of strategic partnerships in early childhood systems and discussed what it might look like in the future.

PDG B-5 TA Center 2020 Annual Meeting - Governance and Finance Strand Opening Session

Presenters provided an overview of key issues that affect the governing and financing of the early care and education system.

Early Childhood Governance: Getting There From Here

This guidebook describes state governance models, governance change, and explores selection of governance models.

Early Childhood Governance: Decision Guide

This checklist identifies considerations for governance changes or development.

System Framework: Governance Component

This website provides information on the governance sub-component of ECTA's System Framework.

Early Childhood Systems Building Resource Guide

These practical guides by the Office of Child Care are designed for state leaders to address a range of systems building topics, including strategic plans, sustaining gains, communicating with stakeholders and maintaining strategic partnerships.

Education Trends: Governance in Early Childhood Education

This report highlights three ECE governance models that are commonly used in states and describes the differences between ECE and K-12 when considering governance models.

 Early Care and Education Partnerships: A Review of the Literature

This literature review that provides an overview of the current knowledge base for ECE partnerships, highlights promising models or components of models for these partnerships, and identifies gaps in the research.

Early Head Start- Child Care Partnerships: Spotlighting Early Successes Across the America

This brief highlights the work of 12 EHS-CCP programs, describing lessons learned, and making recommendations for improving the program moving forward.

Building Partnerships between Early Head Start Grantees and Child Care Providers

This brief summarizes the requirements of EHS-CCpartnership grant and presents highlights from a 2010 study of successful partnerships.

Partnerships to Support Infants, Toddlers, and Their Families

This brief highlights the priority of partnerships to better serve vulnerable child populations and families.

Defining an Office of Early Learning in State Education Agencies and Early Learning Agencies

This report/white paper that describes how a greantee can build or refine an effective Office of Early Learning (OEL).

Community Toolbox

This toolkit that provides resources for states with various stakeholders in local communities to help them take action and teach and train others in organizing for community development.

COVID-19 Resources & Policy Considerations

This interactive state map identifies child care, K-12, and postsecondary COVID-19 responses.